Dive In Apparel

Dive In Apparel was born out of the interest of two individuals with a passion for travel, adventure and water sports. During our travels we chanced upon the 69SLAM brand and it’s fun and hip vibe leaped out to us. We are delighted to bring 69SLAM into the Malaysian market.

dive in apparel

About 69Slam

Since the release of the first collection in 2004, 69SLAM has spread its seed, harnessing worldwide fans. Over the years, 69SLAM has built a reputation with its colorful, alternative and suggestive prints, continuing to outdo itself with each bold step.

Best known for its status as a youthful and provocative brand, 69SLAM continues to evolve bringing the same confident, whimsical and playful attitude to all its designs.

69SLAM was born far far away from all formulaic and watered-down brands and has grown into a modern lifestyle brand of fun underwear, swimwear, apparel and other related products.

Present in over 50 countries around world, 69SLAM intends to illustrate its motto ‘PLAYLOUD!’ in the best possible way